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Posted on Oct 16 2014 - 12:59am by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This sponsored post is brought to you by Shaw’s Supermarkets. In exchange for a series of four posts, I will be provided with monetary compensation. All thoughts expressed within the post are my own, except the interview answers. Those were provided by interviewee Chris Smith. Photos and graphics are a combination of my own, as well as those provided by the sponsor.

Yesterday I shared an interview I did with current Shaw’s Supermarket employee Heather Welch. I thought it would be neat to also interview a former Shaw’s employee to see how his experience working for the company helped shape him into the worker he is today. That man is my husband, Chris Smith, who I’ve interviewed in the past.

Interview with Shaw's SupermarketChrisSmith

Frugal Maine: When did you work at Shaw’s Supermarket and for how long?

Chris: I started working at Shaw’s when I was 17 and worked there until I was 25. I’m now 37, almost 38, so I haven’t worked there in a long time.

FM: What department(s) did you work in? What was your main job?

Chris: I worked in the checkout and meat departments, and I also stocked the shelves. In addition, I also trained new employees, and I helped launch several new stores that opened in New Hampshire.

FM: Out of all the departments you worked in, what was your favorite?

Chris: I liked checkout the best because I got to work one on one with the customers, which is something I still enjoy doing today at my current job.

FM: Do you recommend Shaw’s for teenagers who are looking for their first job? Why?

Chris: Yes, I do because you can try out a wide variety of jobs in one location.

FM: What did you learn while working at Shaw’s that has helped you at your other jobs since you left?

Chris: The structure helped me become the hardworker that I am today. It also taught me how to be a team player, which has helped become a better manager because I don’t take other coworkers for granted. (And I can bag my own groceries now if it’s busy. It’s like riding a bike, you never forget how to do it.)

FM: Have you noticed any major improvements that Shaw’s has made over the years to make it more appealing to its customers?

Chris: They have more advertised sales, like the stock up sales. They’ve added more prepared foods, which are great for people on the go. When I worked there, it was just the salad bar and deli.

FM: What do you feel separates Shaw’s from other competitors?

Chris: I feel the way they do the stocking and keep everything clean is why they’re better. We had to sweep the floors, wash down the bathroom and empty all the trash each hour.

FM: Did Shaw’s run stock up sales when you worked there? Did you notice an increase in sales at that time?

Chris: When I worked at Shaw’s they didn’t have the stock up sales.



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