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Posted on Sep 24 2014 - 12:43am by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: “I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting I received product samples to facilitate my review.”

The 2014/2015 school year is in full swing for our family. And our schedules are busier than ever before. Seriously, I’m averaging 20-30 hours per week of kid-related running around for various activities and events. It’s insane and stressful at times, to say the least, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our kids are thriving and making new friends, and that’s always a good thing.

When I’m not running around like a mad woman, hair on end, I’m frantically trying to work as much as possible, while keeping our house clean (which never seems clean enough). Trying to find time to run to the store for a gallon of milk can be trying at times as any blogger will attest to. Our jobs are never ending. We always have work to do and could easily work 24/7. (Heck, I’m sitting in the parking lot of TKD, waiting for my son’s class to finish, and writing this post. Momma knows how to make the most of her time!)

Because of how busy I am, I don’t have the time to run to a million different stores to satisfy all four kids’ personalities. Okay, a million is a bit of an exaggeration, but you can get the idea. I don’t have a lot of spare time to run errands. Clothes shopping with four kids in tow can wear on the most patient of people’s nerves. And when you’re already stressed out over time limitations, four whiny, bickering children can make you want to turn right around and go home.

This year my back-to-school shopping experience was much less stressful than normal because I used to purchase part of our kids’ clothing. I was able to find them each items they love without having to drag them to different stores.

I didn’t have to stress about finding time to do it either. I was able to do it around our busy schedules, which was great. Because the site is easy to navigate, and features many different styles and colors of clothing, I was able to find all the items we purchased in less than 20 minutes. Had I taken the kids shopping, it would have taken HOURS!

Here’s what I purchased for our kids in case you didn’t see my previous posts:

RideOrDie - ZapposRoper Ride or Die Screen Print w/Rhinestones

Roper Cold Shoulder - ZapposRoper Cold Shoulder w/Shine Screen Print in Orange

soccer - zapposLife is Good Kids Kickin’  It Soccer Easy Tee

VansVans Authentic Bright Pink Sneakers

Nike - Zappos Nike Kids KO 2.0 Hoody

LifeIsGood - ZapposLife is Good Positive State of Mind Tech V-Neck Tee

Under Armour - ZapposUnder Armour Kids UA Tech Tee

North Face - Zappos The North Face S/S Rapelling Tee

ZapposRoxy Fall Melody Tee

Benetton - Zappos United Colors of Benetton Kids T-shirt

So if you have a family like ours, and you still need to find time to do some more back-to-school shopping, but can’t find the time, is the way to go. I know that when next year rolls around, or maybe even for Christmas this year, I will be stopping by to pick out some new pieces of clothing and accessories for our kiddos. Maybe for my husband and I too.

In fact, the two items we would love to have come from The North Face line. Seriously, the men’s hoodie would look great on my husband. I think it would bring out his blue eyes.


The North Face Half Dome Hoodie
Zappos.comWishList2The North Face Fave Pullover Hoodie

And my son has a couple more things he would like from Converse Kids and Rip Curl Kids, two of the many brands for sale at 

RipCurlKidsRip Curl Kids

ConverseKids Converse Kids

So what items from are on your wishlist?


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