Zach’s Corn Maze

Posted on Oct 10 2012 - 12:57pm by Nicole Smith

This past weekend my parents and I took the kids to the Zach’s Corn Maze in York since it was my weekend to keep the kidlets. Every other weekend their father picks them up at about 1pm on Saturdays and keeps them until 5-7pm on Sundays. I try and find something fun to do with the kids when they stay home with me. It’s not always possible but I try. Based on their reactions, I’m pretty sure they had a blast at the corn maze.


When we arrived at the farm, we rode in a wagon bed down to the corn maze. (That’s their Bampi…my dad.)

The ride took us along the edge of the field, past the pumpkin patch. Once inside the maze, we gave Mikala the map and her and Blake led the way.

Once we made it through the maze, we grabbed some snacks and drinks from beneath the tent that was set up outside along the edge of the maze. I, of course, got a cup of cold apple cider. It’s one of my favorite things  to do with the fall season. Mikala wanted the mini pumpkin pies they were selling. I had a bite of one and they were quite delicious.

From there, we told Mikala she had 20 minutes to make her way through the maze by herself without us adults. I was skeptical about allowing Blake to go with her because I know my son and he’s hard to handle on a good day. My parents pretty much told me I needed to stop being so damn protective and let him go, so I did. The two of them made it out of the maze with four minutes to spare. Their cheeks were bright red by the time they made it out which told me they ran the whole way. Silly kids!

From there, we rode in the wagon back to where we parked the cars and then drove to the roadside stand to buy the kiddos their pumpkins. While there, I felt something sting my right buttcheek. I couldn’t see the culprit, but I sure felt it. Since I’ve lost weight, there is now a gap in the waistband of my jeans, which means anything looking to fly in, can, in fact, do so. Prior to having my mom glance down my jeans, I danced around the area with my hand in my pants, trying to figure what had flown in there. I then had my mom check but she saw nothing. Whatever it was did its business and vacated the premises and I was left rubbing my butt and giving the people driving by a show. Only me!

Here are a few more shots of our trip to Zach’s Corn Maze. The rest can be found on the Frugal Maine Facebook page, so please feel free to stop by and check them out. And while there, make sure to click “Like“.


Have you visited any corn mazes in Maine? What is your favorite?

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