Why I Won’t Create a New MySpace Page

Posted on Oct 8 2012 - 5:50pm by Nicole Smith

Recently I was sent a link to a video about the new MySpace and it led to a conversation on whether or not I would create a new page on there now that it has undergone significant changes. My answer: HELL NO!

Since the site first launched many years ago, it has changed drastically, and I think it almost has a Pinteresty feel now. I remember back in the day when I couldn’t go an hour without checking my account, kind of like how I now am with Facebook. But now, I couldn’t care less about MySpace and there’s a reason for it

Most of you know that at one time I worked for MySpace as the Reality TV Curator. I loved my job there. It allowed me to work with people that I’ve known since 2007 when I began working for Mahalo. These are people that I now call friends and coworkers. Doors that never would have been open to me otherwise now are. And that is how I initially landed the job with MySpace because of people I had worked with before.

While there, I had to deal with my share of craziness. I got proposed to on a daily basis by men from India. I had jealous girlfriends send me messages, in which they threatened to kick my ass if I didn’t leave their men alone. (None of their accusations were true, I might add.)

I received messages about how ugly I am and even requests for pictures of my feet. (No, I did not provide them. Although, friends said I should charge to see them.)

All of this was to be expected since I had a reach of over 900,000. When you put yourself out there in front of that many people, that kind of response is bound to happen. There’s no avoiding it, and I was not the only one dealing with it, so I had a support system to turn to when needed. We often laughed at the absurdity of some people’s actions and words.

The problem I had with MySpace didn’t occur to the last couple of months when payment for services was delayed or not received at all. The second to last month, my check came late. Very late. And payment for the last month never came at all. I needed that money. I waited and waited. I emailed people. I got no response, and as a result, I got stiffed out of money. That is the reason I WILL NOT create a new page there because I feel like my work was under appreciated. I worked hard and was willing to take on more work had it been offered. And in fact, I inquired about more because I enjoyed my job that much, but unfortunately MySpace changed hands while I was there. All companies, when they switch hands, deal with transitional issues. It’s understandable. But when workers go unpaid, even if they’re independent contractors, there’s a problem. And there’s no excuse for it. We provide a service and we deserve to get paid. No exceptions.

I don’t think that MySpace will ever gain the popularity back that it once had, but even if it does, I won’t create a new page for Frugal Maine on there, no matter how much it may help me. It’s just not worth it to me. Not after what happened. Had I gotten paid and not dealt with the issues I had, I would be singing a different tune right now, but I didn’t.

Justin Timberlake himself could ask me to bring my sexy feet back and I wouldn’t do it. As the saying goes, “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.”

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  1. Amber October 8, 2012 at 7:49 pm - Reply

    OMG if JT asks you to bring your sexy feet back! That’s my line! Copyright! 😀
    Amber recently posted..“It is okay to fail, as long as you keep trying”My Profile

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