What Shaw’s Supermarket Means to My Family: Introducing Their 75th Anniversary Sale #HugeSale

Posted on Aug 3 2014 - 1:32am by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This is a sponsored compensated post brought to you by Shaw’s Supermarket. All opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. The photo was provided by our sponsor.

Shaw-Huge-SaleLast year I published a post that listed the top 10 things I love about Shaw’s Supermarket, which included their produce and meat departments, the cleanliness of their stores, their gluten-free and organic food dept and more. The reason I love Shaw’s, though, goes beyond the reasons I mentioned in my list.

We are a family of six. And we live on a fixed income. That means we stay conscious of how much many we spend on groceries while still ensuring that our fast-growing children get enough to eat. All four children participate in sports, so they get hungry very easily, which means the food in our cupboards disappears even faster, whether we, or our wallets, like it.

One of the things that I watch out for at our local Shaw’s Supermarket is their sales events because it allows us to stock up on items we use a lot of. Right now they are holding a #hugesale to celebrate their 75th Anniversary, so you can know we stopped by to stock up on some much-needed items.

One of the other reasons we’ve been tried to build up our stockpile up is because of my husband’s slow season at work, which lasts from late winter until mid-August or so.

Because his company’s amount of sales plummet during the slow season, his commission is lower, which means money is tighter. And as the kids get older and take part in more activities, we shell out more money, which means less for food and other household items.

My goal for this year is to stock up on supplies we will use a lot of during slow season so I won’t have to go out and buy any. By doing that, I will end much of the stress my husband and I feel during that time. 

So for us, Shaw’s Supermarket not only allows us to provide for our children during the busy months, it also gives us peace of mind during the slow ones, which in turn means mom and dad can enjoy time spent with their children without worrying about how to afford everything. That reason is extremely important to us because my husband and I both know how short life truly is and how we must enjoy the time we have with our children, and loved ones, while we can.

Now tell me what do you love about shopping at Shaw’s Supermarket?

And stay tuned for our next post on how you could win free salad for a year.



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