What a great freebie! Thanks, Mom!

Posted on Aug 29 2012 - 3:32pm by Nicole Smith

About two weeks ago my mother purchased the newest MyTouch. She wanted to upgrade from the one she currently has. She told me I could have her old one since my HTC is a pile of crap. When the new one came in, she tried it out and found that she doesn’t get as good of reception and certain games freeze on it, like Dice With Friends. After playing with it for a couple days, she decided she preferred her old MyTouch. In the end, I got the brand new phone and it works like a charm for me, except the same game froze for me, but that’s no biggie. In every other way, this phone is better than my previous one.

Normal cost of the new MyTouch: About $350

My cost: $0

Total savings: $350

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