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Posted on Mar 25 2016 - 6:11pm by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from SheSpeaks/POWERADE. I received monetary compensation in exchange for my thoughts. All photos included within this post are my own.

From the moment my daughter started running, it was obvious to all of us that there was a spark within her that would only continue to grow as she aged. Once she understood the concept of what track and field is, she knew it was a sport she had to play.

For her, it wasn’t a matter of wanting to play. She had to. It was in her blood. She’s had us time her when she runs since before the age of five. It was a competition with herself to always beat her last time.

When sixth grade rolled around, and she was finally able to sign up for track, she was ecstatic, as were my husband and me. I knew her entire life had been leading up to that moment, and I couldn’t wait to see what her track and field life held for her. I hoped between it and taekwondo, we would see her confidence grow and finally see her realize her full potential.


For my husband, the moment she signed up for track was extra special. There were two sports he excelled as an athlete: soccer and track and field. But due to a knee injury as a youth, he had to give up both. Even though my daughter isn’t his by blood, seeing her do something he loved so much means the world to him. He shares with her all he knows and encourages her whenever he can. And he has extremely high hopes for her because he sees what she’s capable of.

For the past two years my daughter has done so well during her regular season meets that she’s qualified for the state meet at the end of each season. Last year she did so well at her state meet that in almost all of her events, she scored within the top 10. That’s HUGE and something to be incredibly proud of. Her 4 x 100 was so good, that they were in the top five of the state. Her events include the aforementioned 4 x 100m, as well shot put, 100m hurdles, 200m and 400m. 


And now here we are, embarking on a new track and field season and things are already off to an amazing start for her. Wednesday was her first day, and her coach made her and a fellow eighth grader (both of whom kicked some serious butt last year)  captains of the girls. He also told her that the both girls would be participating in the 4 x 100 once again. He knows what she’s capable of. As does she.

This year she has even more to prove, though, because next year she will be competing as a freshman, which means the high school coach will be watching her to see how she performs. Her goal is to be a track star.


As I watch my daughter grow older, I see a strong foundation forming beneath her. Between taekwondo, track and field and volleyball, my daughter has learned so much. All three have helped her confidence grow and have taught her more about self-discipline and hardwork than anything before ever did.

My daughter isn’t the only one of our offspring, though, to play sports. My stepson and my son both do, as well, and we aim to encourage them as much as possible.


We want them to feel good about themselves and know hardwork can pay off. Both boys participate in soccer, taekwondo too,  and now baseball.


Each sport is teaching them more about who they are as individuals and what they can do when they work together with others as a team. Because more often than not, once we become adults, we need to know how to work with others and not against them. Not doing so can make it so you don’t get the job or promotion you want.

Teamwork also applies to personal relationships, and we want our athletes to be successful in love and life.

Since I’m a WAHM, a lot of the care for the young ones falls on my shoulders. I make their meals. I make sure there are drinks in the house for them to stay hydrated when participating in one of their sports, like POWERADE.


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About the POWERADE “Just a Kid” Campaign

POWERADE, like all of us mom (and dads) believes that athletes have a lot of potential within them that can be realized with the proper support, love and motivation, and it doesn’t matter where you come from. Powerade7POWERADE also feels that every athlete, whether or youth or pro, has a story to share with others, just like my daughter. She’s proof that with the proper support from my husband and I, as well as other family members, can achieve great things. And who knows, she may go on to get a track scholarship to college, which would be awesome for her.

Want to support where you’re from? Check out the custom “Just a Kid” apparel. All proceeds go to the Boys & Girls Club of America.


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