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Posted on Aug 8 2014 - 11:42pm by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This review is brought to you by Little Passports, a subscription company geared towards children. They provided me with a free Little Passports box in exchange for an honest review. No other monetary compensation was given. All thoughts expressed, as well as photos, are 100% mine.

Most parents like me want to expose our children to other cultures and places from around the world. Unfortunately, most of our wallets can’t afford trips to far away places. It would be nice if we could, but the reality is, we can’t. So what do we do to help our children be more accepting of other places and cultures when our funds aren’t readily available?


Little Passports is one solution that parents may want to consider for their little ones , and those who are slightly older.

They offer two different types of subscription packages with three different subscriptions for each:

World Package

(Package info from official website)

Age: 5 to 10 years old

1st month:

  • A fun travel suitcase with a letter from our globetrotting characters Sam and Sofia
  • World wall map
  • Travel passport
  • Fun stickers, an activity sheet, and access to online games and activities

Subsequent months – (Sam and Sofia visit a new country each month.)

  • An adventure letter
  • Fun souvenirs
  • Stickers for your child’s suitcase, passport, and map
  • Photos from that country’s sites
  • Online games and activities in our Boarding Zone

USA Package:

(Package info from official website)

Age: 7 to 12 years old

1st month:

  • An introductory letter from Sam and Sofia
  • USA Field Guide
  • USA Scratch Book
  • USA Wall Map
  • Disposable Camera and Photo Scavenger Hunt

Subsequent months – (Sam and Sofia visit two new states each month.)

  • A 32-page activity-packed journal covering 2 states
  • Stickers
  • Pop-out Models
  • Postcards
  • Access to more information and activities online

Each of these packages comes with three subscription options: Monthly ($11.95), 6 months (a one-time payment of $83.70 plus an additional $20 for shipping and handling that averages out to $13.95 per month), or a year (a one-time payment of $131.40 plus an additional $20 for shipping and handling that averages out to $10.95 per month).

Our experience:

Little Passports sent my son the first month’s box (pictured below). He couldn’t have been more excited to open up the suitcase and check out the contents.


I think the suitcase is an adorable touch that all kids would love, just like my did. In fact, he asked if he could use it for a lunchbox for school. LOL!

His favorite activity in the suitcase was the piece of “stone” with dinosaur bone in it.


  He had a fun time sitting at the table, chipping away at it and has asked me to get him a bigger one for Christmas this year.


By the time he was done we had a fairly messy table, but it was worth it because he had a huge smile on his face, something every parent wants to see.Little-Passports-Review-3

Would I recommend this subscription box to other parents? Absolutely. I think it does a wonderful job of exposing children to other people, cultures, and countries/states. I don’t think the price is too much and is actually quite reasonable, in my opinion. 

(Note: For some reason this post never went live even though I had it scheduled to. Needless to say, I’m not impressed and must make sure to check the all posts go up when they’re supposed to, and I apologize to Little Passports for the delay. I genuinely think this subscription box is a great one for kids and highly endorse it.)

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