Save-A-Lot Grocery Flier – February 19, 2011

Posted on Feb 19 2011 - 3:50pm by Nicole Smith

Yesterday I noticed there were some good deals in Save-A-Lot‘s flier. (The prices are good until February 26th, while some are good through the 27th.)

I figured there may be some of you that don’t receive the flier, so I thought I’d list out the items here. I hope it helps you in your grocery shopping adventures this week.


Mr. P’s Pepperoni or Supreme Pizza (6.5oz pkg.) – $.59

Fisher Boy Fish Sticks (8oz. pgk.) – $.99

Ocean Market Fish Fillets (4oz. pgk.) – $.99

Doritos, Cheetos & Fritos Scoops (3.25 to 5.5oz. container) – $.89

Maruchan Ramen cups (3-pack) – $.79

Green and Red Grapes – $.99lb.

Whole Boneless Ribeye – $2.99 lb.

Boneless Beef Tenderloin – $4.99 lb.

Vine Ripe Tomatoes (4-pack) – $1.79

Tuttorusso Tomato Sauce – 2/$1

Hungry Jack Specialty Potatoes (4.9oz. pack) – $1

Betty Crocker Hambuger or Tuna Helper -$1

Fast Fixin’ Chicken (31.2 to 43.2oz. bags) – $4

Del Pino’s Canned Pasta (14.75 – 15 oz. cans) – $.69

Jiffy Corn Mix (8.5oz. box) – $.39

Port Side Canned Tuna (5oz. can) – $.59

Hargis House Vienna Sausage – Regular or Chicken (5oz. can) – $.39

Hargis House Chili w/Beans (15oz. can) – $.99

Hargis House Chili w/o Beans (150z. can) – $1.29

Sundia Fruit Cups (8oz. cups) – $.89

Caskey’s Cream of Mushroom Soup – $.59

J. Higgs Classic Saltine Crackers (16oz. box) – $.89

J. Higgs Cheese Bit Crackers (9oz. box) – $1.49

Coburn Farms Hot Cocoa Mix – $1.19

Morning Delight Buttermilk Biscuits (7.5oz. can) – $.43

Home Churned Spread (16oz. tub) – $.99

Portmann’s Tartar Sauce (11.5oz. bottle) – $1.39

Fairgrounds Sliced Meat (2oz. pkg) – 2/$1

McClary’s Singles (10.67oz. pkg) – $.99

Deli Pride Sandwiches (4.6oz.-5.5oz. sandwiches) – $.99

Luster Facial Tissues (160-count box) – $.99

Ajax Liquid Dish Soap (16oz. bottle) – $.99

Kool – Aid Bursts (6-pack, 40oz.) – $.99

Vista Sandwich Creme Cookies (120z. pkg) – $.99

Chef Carlin Potato Pouches (4oz. pkg) – $.79

Pert Bath Tissues (4 rolls) – $.89

Ravello Swift Mac (2.5oz.) – $.69


As always, remember to keep track of the prices at the stores you shop at to guarantee you’re getting the best deal. Save-A-Lot is NOT always cheaper than other stores, like Wal-Mart, Shaw’s, Hannaford, Market Basket, etc. In some instances they are, so always be mindful.

And don’t forget, if you have not signed up for Save-A-Lot’s Smart Shopper Club, make sure to do so. When you signup, you’ll be given a $5 off coupon. And coupons are ALWAYS good.

A penny saved is a penny earned!!

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