Review: White Park in Concord, NH

Posted on Jun 12 2013 - 12:54am by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This is NOT a sponsored post. I wanted to share my thoughts on White Park when I visited because I try to visit different places in the area to help others from where I live.

The other night we had to take my boyfriend’s daughter to a dance rehearsal for an upcoming recital she has in a couple weeks. Since we had time to kill, and we knew we’d have some bitchy kids on our hands if they had to sit in the van for two hours , we decided to take the kids to White Park in Concord, NH, about five minutes away from where we were. When we pulled into the parking lot, I was instantly impressed with what I saw. The park is located in a nice neighborhood across from the law school. It’s clean and very well maintained. We attempted to go to another park not too far from that one but there were a ton of teenagers hanging out at it, and I got a bad vibe as soon as we pulled in. The feeling I got when we pulled into White Park was completely different. It felt inviting, like the perfect place for a family to visit and have fun.

Once we climbed out of the van, the kids couldn’t wait to go play in the playground area, which was a short walk from the parking lot, and just next to the duck pond. I have NEVER seen a playground like the one at White Park. It reminded me of a castle. There were a ton of nooks and crannies for the kids to crawl in and out of. My son had a ball running around and playing. My daughter did, too, until she whacked her head on the underside of one of the little cubbie areas. She instantly turned into Miss Grumpypants. In fact, in those moments following I swear she had turned into Grumpy Cat.

After a few minutes, my daughter finally calmed her britches and we decided to go take a walk around the park. There were some Mallards hanging out by the pond, including a Momma one and her duckling. We were able to walk right up to them and snap pictures. (See photos below.)

photo 0609131838b

Afterwards, we went and hung out on the stone bridge next to the pond where the kids decided to strike various poses while we took shots of them. All and all, it was a great evening that would have been perfect had my boyfriend’s daughter been there with us. We are definitely going to go back and have a picnic with all four kids and spend some time taking some photos of the four of them together.

If you’re looking for a park to go to that the entire family can enjoy, this is one for you. There’s a pool, basketball hoops, hiking trails and an area to ice skate on during the winter. I would definitely suggest packing a lunch and bringing a camera with you because you will want to take photos of your kiddos too..

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