Proud Mommy Moment: My Mini Me is Going to be in Jazz Band

Posted on Aug 27 2013 - 8:42pm by Nicole Smith

Today was the first day of school for all four kids. The oldest are in the middle school: 5th, 6th and 7th. The youngest is in 1st. They all seemed pretty excited today, despite their faces in the pictures we took before we dropped them off. Even so, I was still nervous for them. I remember my first days, oh so long ago, and I was always scared back then…to the point of wanting to puke. And I didn’t want any of them to be. So I crossed my fingers and waited with bated breath until it was time to pick my daughter up at the end of the day. I so wanted her to have a good one and couldn’t wait to find out how it went.


I could tell she had a good one as soon as she climbed into my van. She didn’t have a grimace on her face and she looked happy. We chatted for a few minutes while driving to her brother’s school. That is when she told me some BIG news that I have to share with all of you. It’s a “Proud Mommy Moment” for sure.

My daughter’s band teacher stopped her in the lunchroom today and asked her if she would like to play in the Jazz Band. (She plays trombone.) Her teacher is looking for the advanced kids to join. And Mini Me is one of them.

My daughter is in 6th this year and most of the kids in her grade are only starting their 2nd year in band, some their first, while she’s starting her 3rd. However, this year will be my daughter’s first full year at this particular school. She played for a year and a half at her old one.

At her old school she played some extremely difficult music. Because her old teacher pushed her as hard as she did, she actually ended up passing the kids at her new school. And I saw the difference at her first band concert after we moved. They were playing music that I knew was too easy for her. And because of that, she was extremely disappointed and frustrated. And she actually contemplated giving up on something she’s got a knack for. I didn’t want that to happen, so I spoke with her teacher and she decided that my daughter could stay after school for lessons to challenge her. And because of what she saw in my daughter at the end of last year, she now she wants her in the Jazz Band. Score!

Jazz Band is a BIG deal. Had we never moved, there’s no doubt in my mind my daughter would have been in the Jazz Band in high school. To see her talent recognized already when she’s only in 6th is an amazing feeling. Not only for me but for her too. The smile on her face when she told me what her teacher asked her is one I won’t soon forget. It gave her a HUGE confidence boost. And she needed it.

Good luck, baby girl! You’re going to kick some butt.

So how was your children’s first day of school? Do you have any “Proud Mommy Moments” to share? Comment below.

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