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Posted on Apr 13 2015 - 7:20pm by Nicole Smith

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Visit Gulf County for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I are always looking for family vacationing ideas if time and money allows. We actually have a list of places we’d love to visit someday. But with six very different personalities, it can be be hard to find activities and place that appeal to everyone. Most of the time we end up with one child who is upset with our choice of family fun time. It can get quite frustrating.

For some families, the ideal trip includes a place bustling with activity and loud noises, but for us, we want the quiet and beauty of nature surrounding us wherever we look. We look for places that allow us to get back in touch with nature and relax and enjoy each others’ company. It’s important to my husband and I that we teach all four kids to stop and enjoy the world around them and to not always be engrossed in a video game or running to and from one sport or school activity.

Gulf County, Florida, offers families like ours plenty of outdoor activities to choose from, including snorkeling, horseback riding and hiking, and it’s definitely a place I would like to visit with our children if given the opportunity.

If you’re looking to plan the perfect family getaway like we are, check out the Gulf County Adventure Guide for a comprehensive look at all the area has to offer.

If we were to visit Gulf County, there are certain activities that are at the top of our list of things to do while vacationing there.

First and foremost, saltwater fishing. Ever since my husband and I went saltwater fishing with my dad on our honeymoon, we’ve been hooked. (No pun intended!) There is something so refreshing about being out on the open water, with the smell of salt in the air and the sun beating down on you, warming your skin while the gentle breeze from the water lifts your hair from your neck. Sounds relaxing, right?

The bounty you may reel in while fishing include Grouper, Mahi, Red Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Amberjack, Flounder, Whiting, Pompano and more.

The second thing we would definitely have to do is kayaking or boating through Indian Pass Lagoon or the Dead Lakes. I love the idea of taking a boat or kayak out and exploring the area and taking photos of all the wildlife that inhabit the region, including alligators and an abundance of turtles.

Another outing that would definitely be on our list is snorkeling. I know my husband and I, as well as my 13-year-old daughter, would love to explore the wreckage of the Empire Mica, a British Tanker that was sank during World War II by a German sub. In addition, there are artificial reefs to explore as close as two miles offshore in waters that range from 20 feet to 150 feet deep.

I also can’t forget scalloping. Almost all of our family LOVE scallops, and seafood in general, so it would be really fun to put on a mask and snorkel and glide through the waters in search of the glowing blue eyes along the edges of their shells that indicate there are scallops near by.

Please take a look at the Gulf County Adventure Guides to see what you’re family would enjoy. You may just find yourself making reservations at one of the great lodging establishments in the area, like the Turtle Beach Inn, very soon. If we had the money, I know we would be. Maybe in the not so distant future we’ll be able to.

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