It’s Been One of Those Weeks….

Posted on Aug 6 2014 - 11:40pm by Nicole Smith

Do you ever have one of those weeks that leaves you asking, “WTF?”? Yeah, that’s me this week…and it’s only Wednesday. It has been one thing after another. Most moments have actually been laughable now that I look back on them, but at the time, they upset me.

My week thus far:

Monday night: My husband I were getting dinner on the table for all four kids. The kids were all sitting down at the table when my daughter decided to get up and get herself a drink. When she got up, she forgot that no one put our min pin in her crate (something we have to do when we eat), and she hopped right up and helped herself to some teriyaki chicken, broccoli, mushrooms and noodles. Since she stuck her snout in the food, my daughter obviously wouldn’t eat it, so I gave up my dish for my daughter and didn’t eat dinner.

Tuesday night: I was checking the boneless spareribs that I had cooked on my griddle/grill to see if they were done and somehow the plate slipped off the counter and kersplat! Barbecue sauce and spareribs everywhere. So yeah, that went into the garbage and the four of us that were home had to split three small spareribs that were left that thankfully were still on the griddle.

Today: My min pin somehow got into my bedroom and destroyed a pair of my underwear…my good underwear.

And then my daughter and I spent ten minutes trying to locate her TKD bag because she couldn’t find and somehow it was my fault because I didn’t know where it was. Turns out it was in her room and had fallen off her shelf.

Tonight: When we got home from TKD I noticed the door to our house was open. I asked my daughter if she left it open when we left the house. With a sheepish look on her face, she said yes.

Once we got inside and I realized all was good, I closed the garage door. There was a weird noise as it closed but I didn’t really comprehend it at the time because I was on the phone with my husband. Two seconds later his ex-FIL knocked on our door to ask me if I was going to pull the van into the garage further. Apparently in my worry and haste over the open door I didn’t pull the van in far enough. When the door came down it smacked into the bumper of the van. Luckily no damage was done but it was enough to make me want to scream.

and last but not least, while I was cooking dinner, I realized I had no clean plates because I they were all in the dishwasher, which I had just started. So this is what we were left with to eat on.


What else could possibly go wrong? (I’m probably going to regret asking that question.)

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