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Posted on Aug 11 2016 - 3:57pm by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Oak Furniture Land. In exchange for an honest review, I was provided with a piece of furniture to help facilitate this post. All thoughts expressed are my own, as are included photos. No other monetary compensation was given.

Second marriages can be difficult at times, especially if you move into a home that your husband or wife shared with their first spouse. It’s hard when the home doesn’t feel like your on and you can sort of feel the former spouse’s presence everywhere. Moving to a new home isn’t always a possibility for couples, though, so you learn to work with what you have to make a house feel like home…a place that reflects who you are and what you want for your life.

I speak from experience. I moved into my husband’s house, and it hasn’t always been easy. For awhile it didn’t feel like it was my home because it didn’t reflect who I am as a person. It didn’t show my quirks or my personality. Over the past few years, though, my husband and I have worked together to change the vibe in our house to make it feel like it’s our place and not someone else’s.

The changes in our home are not ones we’ve made all at once. Sure, we would love to do that. However, we are raising four kids on a very fixed income. Therefore, we don’t have the money to throw around to update every area of the home. However, we are getting their slowly but surely. And when we can’t afford to do what we want, we write our ideas down…or pin a lot of things on Pinterest to use later on.

Our latest room update involves our dining room. See, I’ve always had a thing for the country farmhouse look. It’s what speaks to me. It’s what I grew up with. I’m a country girl, and I want that part of me to be reflected in our dining room. We began our update by rearranging the hutches and cabinets. We were amazed at how different the room felt from just doing that. We then rearranged some decorations…and bought a few too.

In the back of our mind, as we were making all of these changes, we kept telling ourselves that one day we would be able to update our table as well. A new table wasn’t something we could afford right away since we didn’t want to buy some cheaply made set. We wanted something of quality that would last us but that wasn’t too expensive.

As luck would have it, I was approached by Oak Furniture Land, a UK-based company that has expanded into the Northeast (US), to review a piece of furniture.


I jumped at the chance to work with Oak Furniture Land when I saw the selection of furniture they carry, especially the dining room sets. They had so many different options that would work with our current dining room. The piece I was sent is the Alto Natural Solid Oak Dining Set w/6-ft. table and 6 wave-back brown leather chairs. We needed something larger because we have a bigger family.


Once we knew the day our dining room set would be delivered, we waited anxiously for it to arrive. It was like Christmas in July for us. The day of delivery we knew the set would arrive in between 10am and noon. What really impressed us, though, was the delivery truck driver called us to let us know they would be at our house within 30 minutes and they were. To us, that’s a big deal. We’ve never had that happen. Generally, we are told a window time that is up to four hours long AND are NEVER called to say we’ll be there in 30 minutes. So that’s something customers of the site should be aware of. That said to us that this company has amazing customer service. Who wants to work with a company that doesn’t care about their customers? Not us!

The next thing that really impressed us was that the drivers put our table together for us. We felt bad they weren’t able to drive up our driveway because it’s a huge hill and the truck couldn’t make it up. The delivery guys didn’t complain, though, and were very polite and accommodating.

The assembly of the table took minutes. It would have taken my husband and I a lot longer had we done it ourselves.

The delivery men even recommended that we purchase felt floor pads to protect our floor from gouges and scratches. A lot of companies wouldn’t do that either. It wouldn’t be of any concern to them, so why mention it?

Now as for the dining room set….WOW! I’ve seen companies in the past over-embellish the quality of the products they sell. Not this company. We could tell as soon as we each carried a chair up the driveway that this was a solid, high-quality set. Those chairs are heavy. A couple of our kids complained about the weight of them. Typical teens!

And the leather on the chairs are gorgeous and soft and not cracked at all. You can tell it’s real leather and not some faux stuff.

The table is huge, heavy and has built-in leaves that can be pulled out to make the table a solid 6-ft long. While it’s not something we need all the time, during the holidays they definitely are going to come in handy.

As for the look of the wood, it’s gorgeous! We have received so many compliments on this table. Our friends have all said how beautiful it is. Each compliments fills us with a sense of pride.

In fact, we are so impressed with this company and the quality of their products, that we will be looking into purchasing our TV cabinet for the basement through them. (I’ve already started browsing and have a few options in mind. Now we just need busy season to hit.)

If you’re looking for high quality furniture at a great cost, you definitely need to check out Oak Furniture Land. You don’t need to go broke to find furniture that will last.

Important information to note on Oak Furniture Land:

  • Pieces can be up to 50% off
  • You can shop by room, product or collection
  • They carry handcrafted 100%solid hardwood products
  • Items are delivered FREE of charge and FULLY ASSEMBLED


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