Now You Can Get Cash for Your Old iPad

Posted on Mar 26 2014 - 2:24am by Nicole Smith

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Do you have an older model iPad you’ve been holding on to that you would now like to get rid of?

Are you looking to buy a newer model?

To help consumers get the best value for their old devices, Gazelle, the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site, ran an analysis on the depreciation of iPad trade-in value over time and published their findings in an infographic. 

As you can see in the above infographic, within just a year the average iPad trade-in value of older iPads significantly decreases as time passes from the point of release. With Apple re-releasing the iPad 4 at just $399 this past week, this is a great opportunity to trade in your older device for a newer one.

Plus, if you lock in an offer today you will have 30 days to send your old or unwanted iPad to Gazelle. This gives you the opportunity to hold onto your old device until after your new iPad is in hand. (Certain restrictions apply, so please visit Gazelle for further details.)

Because you are a valued reader of Frugal Maine, if you click through to Gazelle you will earn an extra $10 on any iPad with a trade in value of $25 or more! (Offer expires 3/28, so hurry!)

Visit Gazelle today, and see what your device is worth! 

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