New Contest – Thrifty Ninja

Posted on Jul 4 2011 - 12:36pm by Nicole Smith

Today’s contest comes from a blog.  Blog contests are generally safe to enter and I recommend it as usually the worst you get exposed to is spam.  I checked this one out and it seems to be pretty easy to do.  They have a service called Raffle Copter (right now it is invite only *shakes fist*) that tracks whether or not you did the task.  The mandatory item is to follow both Ninja and the other site involved in the contest, Randomosity using Google friend connect.  Now, we know you already have a dump off Google account because we did that in the first post so go ahead and use it.  The bloggers usually want volume so if you had 6 accounts and wanted to follow them with all six I’m sure they would not mind at all.

Always try to hit blogger contests IF (and only if) you want the prizes.  Who gives a shit if someone is giving away free hay or a used “Family Matters” DVD?  Nobody.  That’s who.  But the prizes in this contest seem like they would be good for a lady.  I’m too manly to need some of it but that doesn’t mean anything.  I use a live badger to wash with in the shower.

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