Need to see a doctor but are strapped for time? Try Amwell #ad

Posted on Nov 16 2015 - 4:07am by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and Amwell. All opinions are my own.”

As a mom of four kids who have busy schedules all year long, I often put my own health on the backburner due to time constraints. With our schedules, it can be hard to find time to make it to the doctors when, and if, they have an opening available.

It also doesn’t help that my husband works until 6pm at night, so it’s mostly on me to take care of everything for the kids once they get out of school. I don’t mind being the go to parent, but when I’m sick, the last thing I want to do is run from one activity to another. However, I often don’t have a choice. I somehow have to push through, even when I want to be home and in bed.

And if I do finally decide it’s time to go to the doctors it can be hard to schedule an appointment that works around the little bit of free time that I have during the day.

Enter Amwell


Amwell is a service that allows you to meet with a doctor/therapist/dietician via your phone or online for a fee. (Signup is free, though.)

You can even install the app on your phone so you can meet with a doc at anytime, anywhere, which is wonderful for us moms who find ourselves sitting at tae kwon do classes, dance lessons, volleyball games, etc. We can still actively participate in our kids lives while taking a moment to focus on ourselves.

The Amwell service is open 24 hours per day, so if you need to speak with someone in the middle of the night, you can.

One instance that Amwell would have come in extremely handy was last year when my husband and I took my son to his first night of indoor soccer. I’d been sick for a while with a horrible cough that wasn’t getting any better. In fact, it was getting worse. He and I both suspected that I had bronchitis but we weren’t sure, and I was being stubborn, as usual, about scheduling a doctor’s appointment.

Anyway, that night we arrived at the community center, and I experienced a bad coughing attack that left me severely winded, to the point I couldn’t catch my breath. My husband rushed me to urgent care where they told me I had bronchitis and it was affecting my asthma.

Asthma that hadn’t bothered me for years.

Had I known about Amwell prior to that night, I would’ve called because I would have been able to make an appointment that would have fit around mine and my kids’ schedules.

I honestly can’t help but think that had I used the service back then before I got really sick, I wouldn’t have had as bad of a summer as I did. The bronchitis caused lasting problems with my lungs, and the hot, humid days this past summer were not easy on me.

I should note, though, that there are several states that don’t allow online doctor visits yet, so make sure to look at their official site to see if your state is one that allows it.

Also, make sure to run a test on your computer (if using one) to make sure it’s compatible with the site.


How Amwell works:

  • Two ways to be “seen” – Dial 1-844-SEE-DOCS or online via your computer or telephone. (Yep, they have an app for that.)
  • Free to join but appointments cost
  • Three options:

Amwell3$49 or less for physicians, $95 or less for therapists and $25 or less for dieticians

  • No appointments needed
  • Open 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Conditions treated: Cough, sinus infections, sore throats, bronchitis, vomiting, diarrhea, weight concerns, depression and more. (See the Amwell site for a complete list of conditions.)

Want a free visit from Amwell?

Use coupon code CARENOW10 now.

*All of your personal info is kept safe and secure.

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