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Posted on Nov 21 2014 - 12:04am by Nicole Smith

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Soft, beautiful feet. I wish I could say that my feet fall in that category, but they don’t. At least not yet. But I’m working on it.

For as long as I can remember, my feet were dry, especially the bottom part and my big toe. Think sandpaper, not silk.

Is it wrong of me to want soft, pretty feet?

Feet that I don’t mind my husband rubbing?

I know. I know. It’s stupid to feel that way. They’re just feet. However, a sexy pair of shoes on your feet can make you feel like you can take on the world. Am I right ladies?

Sidenote: If my feet hurts, he does rub them, but I hate when he does because, like other parts of myself, they make me feel inadequate. Less desirable.

With the cold winter months now upon us, my feet are apt to get drier. It happens every year at this time. In fact, my whole body does.

Thanks to Vaseline®, I’m able to pamper myself a little this season by giving my feet some extra TLC while curling up with my favorite hot beverage in a personalized mug that I must say kicks some serious butt. It makes me feel important. (It has my site name on it!)

Vaseline 5 DayChallenge

There is one downside to the package I received. I can’t drink the GODIVA Hot Cocoa since it’s not gluten-free. (For those who aren’t aware, I recently went gluten-free following some medical issues.)

I must say, though, my husband is thrilled that he gets the whole container of hot cocoa to himself. Lucky duck.

This is a picture of what my big toe looked like before the start of the Vaseline® 5 Day Challenge.

As you can see, my toe is very dry. Definitely not a model’s foot.

Since trying Vaseline® Intensive Care™®, I have noticed a vast improvement. My feet are no longer as dry as they way once were. And I strongly suspect that as long as I keep using it faithfully, my feet will continue to heal.

I also have to say that this lotion does not make my feet feel greasy at all. You only need a little bit to notice a difference. A small dab will do ya!

This is what the initial test strip that came with my lotion showed when I applied it to my foot. The bottom strip is my after one.

As you can see, there’s a difference between the two.

How it works:

Unlike other moisturizers on the market, Vaseline® Intensive Care™ deeply moisturizes dry skin via its unique blend of humectants and healing micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly. They work together to draw water into your skin and help heal your skin’s protective barrier, the stratum corneum.

So are you ready to follow suit and take the 5 Day Challenge too? I’d love to hear how the product worked for you.

New Vaseline® Intensive Care Advanced Repair, Fragrance Free Facts:

  • Available in four sizes: 3oz. ($2.99), 10oz. ($4.99), 20.3oz ($7.99) and 32oz. ($8.49)
  • Clinically proven to produce results in 5 days for women with very dry skin
  • Reduced itching following first application
  • Contains glycerin, micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly and dimethicone
  • Unscented

Other Vaseline products available: New Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Advanced Repair, New Vaseline® Intensive™ Care Essential Healing, New Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Aloe Soothe and New Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Cocoa Radiant. (Prices per size are the same.)

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