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Posted on Jun 8 2015 - 4:05pm by Nicole Smith

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Mabel’s Labels. I received a voucher to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I have some of the most forgetful and disorganized kids on the planet. They misplace their schoolwork, books, backpacks, lunchboxes, etc., ALL THE TIME! At least once a day I hear, “Mom/Nikki, I can’t find (insert item here)…” from one of the four kids, if not more. I think they honestly believe I have a built in tracking device that can find anything they misplace…even when they’ve misplaced something outside of the home. I may pretend I have super powers, but the truth is, I don’t.

I remember several years back, before I moved to New Hampshire, my daughter did a week of summer camp through the YMCA. Every day I drove her to The Y and dropped her off. One of her day trips was to the beach, and she brought her nice, brand new lunchbox with her. Yeah, well by the end of the day, the lunchbox was no more. She left it at the beach.

And my son, he’s left his backpack on the bus.

My stepdaughter…her clarinet. Yeah, that one made us panic since instruments aren’t cheap and she’s borrowing it from the school.

Our kids aren’t the only ones who misplace things, though. Many parents deal with the same issues as us, and for some, that forgetfulness carries into summer when the kids go to summer camp.

Mabel’s Labels offers a Limited Edition Camp Label Pack to help your kiddos stay organized this summer. Their labels are waterproof, which means they can even be run through the dishwasher and washing machine. The labels are also UV resistant and microwave-safe.

And they can be used on a wide variety of summer camp items, including their clothes and shoes, toiletries, bathing suits, backpacks and more. Basically anything they take with them that they may misplace.camp_ID_labels_2

Limited Edition Camp Label Pack info:

  • 10 Personalized Name Stickers: 70mm x 16mm (2-3/4″ x 5/8″)
  • 24 Mini Custom Name Stickers: 38mm x 8mm (1-1/2″ x 5/16″)
  • 8 Custom Shoe Stickers: 33mm (1.3″)
  • 50 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels: 21mm x 10mm (13/16″ x 3/8″)
  • 2 Personalized Bag Tags: 57mm x 32mm (2-1/4″ x 1-1/4″)

Price: $39.95 (Also comes with five free postcards so your kiddos can keep in touch with you.

As part of this campaign I received a free label pack from Mabel’s Labels, and I have to say, not only did I think they are perfect for my son to keep track of his personal belongings, he actually thinks they’re super cool, too, especially the personalized bag tags. (He thinks they’re necklaces. LOL!)

I would show you exactly what my son’s look like but since they have my son’s full name on them, I’m not going to. I refrain from posting any of our childrens’ full names to protect their identities. I’ve seen too many stories over the past few years that have made my blood boil and my stomach turn, I’m being cautious.

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