How do I get back on track? Advice, please!

Posted on Mar 11 2014 - 9:49pm by Nicole Smith


For the last month things have been crazy insane around here and it has impacted this site significantly. We went away for Valentine’s Day and when we got back we only had two weeks before school vacation started. During that time we had some snow days. 

And then two days before February vacation started, my son came down with a cold and ended up starting his vacation early, which meant mommy was on high alert.

Then my daughter and I got sick. And then my boyfriend’s kids.

Then we got better.

And then my son got sick again. This time with a stomach bug and not a cold. My daughter followed suit last night. My fiancé is now sick…and I suspect I’m next.

In addition to all this, there’s been activities for the kids, and this week shows no signs of letting up. I’m just hoping that my fiancé’s kids don’t come down with it because they both have very important obligations this week that can’t be missed. *crosses fingers*

Did I mention there’s stress out the wazoo and we are planning a wedding? Dealing with all of this has made it hard to focus on my blog. It seems impossible to keep up with everything and to come up with new post ideas. I try but then something happens and I get distracted again.

I’m frustrated.

I’m sad.

I’m overwhelmed.

I want my motivation back.

So what do you do to help get back on track after a crazy period in your life? How do you find your groove again? I seriously need some help getting back on track because I don’t want to lose all I’ve gained on my site. I’ve worked extremely hard to accomplish what I’ve had and I don’t want to slip further. Help!

*Photo taken by of anitapeppers.

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