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Posted on Sep 23 2015 - 5:28pm by Nicole Smith

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Fall Maternity Fashion Tips
By Robin Otto, Maternity Fashion Expert for zulily

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Can you still Rock the Current Trends? “Of course you can rock current trends, in fact, I encourage it! You have an amazing excuse to buy yourself a new wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to explore a little bit,” Otto says. Belted dresses are great for the fall, and if you wore them before pregnancy, don’t be afraid to wear them now. “Wearing your belt higher up is the perfect way to accentuate your bump, which is the best accessory of all.”

Heels? If you’re comfy, do it! Being stylish is all about wearing what you feel most comfortable in. “I am a huge fan of heels, but if they’re causing you pain, ditch them and opt for fancy ballet flats or low heel booties” says Otto. “If you still feel like a million bucks strutting an extra four inches above everyone else, go for it. It’s up to you!”

Keep Skinny Jeans in the Picture. New silhouettes of jeans are emerging, like boyfriend jeans and flares, but skinny jeans will always be a closet staple. Skinny jeans can be one of the most flattering styles on pregnant women. “They show off your legs without adding unnecessary bulk” says Otto. Many designers are rolling out skinny jeans with elastic waistbands. “Pair them with a comfortable top and some cute accessories and you’re set for the day.”

Play up Your Look with Accessories. Give extra polish to an outfit by finishing it off with a collection of accessories. “Whether it’s a brilliant statement handbag or a striking necklace, wear something extra that makes you feel good about yourself and more put together, which is sometimes hard to accomplish when you’re in third trimester” says Otto.

Make Color Work For You. If your closet was filled with mostly black ensembles before pregnancy, then feel free to keep following suit. If that’s not the case, then use color to your advantage. “Try to wear more saturated colors or fun prints on days you’re not feeling great and let your outfit instantly improve your mood.” Color blocking can also be your friend if used correctly. “As long as the color change doesn’t cut across the middle, then go for it! It’s a fun way to style your bump.”

Make sure to check out zulily’s “Keep your Style” maternity fashion week event running from September 21st-27th. They’ll be showcasing a slew of different maternity styles every day- something new and unexpected for every kind of mom-to-be!

Robin Otto, Maternity Fashion Expert

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As zulily’s Maternity Fashion Expert and apparel buyer, Robin loves the opportunity to help women express who they are and feel comfortable in what they wear at this special time in their life. Originally an interior designer, Robin uses design elements such balance, color, proportion, line, functionality, shape, texture and form to create a cohesive and dynamic collection for expecting moms to choose from. Prior to zulily, Robin ran one of the top volume stores for Destination Maternity. Robin has contributed to Hallmark Home and Family, The Bump, Pregnancy Magazine and more. Follow her on twitter @iamrobinotto

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