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Posted on Dec 29 2013 - 5:17pm by Nicole Smith

Now that Christmas is over, I can finally share with all of you one of the Christmas gifts I put together for my boyfriend: an emergency roadside kit.

Emergency Roadside Kit

While this gift was for my boyfriend, it was also to give me peace of mind. It makes me feel better about his driving to and from home every time there’s a storm. We live thirty minutes from his work on a good day. When it’s storming, his drive to and from work is a whole lot longer. And because of that, it makes me paranoid, and I worry that he’ll end up going off the road somewhere and be left without anything to help keep him alive.

My solution to my fears was to put together this kit. It’s still missing a few items that I need to purchase, though.

While I gave him this emergency roadside kit for Christmas, you can make your own at any time, either for you or someone you love.

I recommend this kit for teenagers who have just acquired their licenses. I know we will be making each of our kids one once they have their own vehicles, hopefully a LONG time from now.

Here is a list of items I put in my boyfriend’s kit just in case you’d like to make your own kit.

1 roadside kit from Big Lots that included 1 orange emergency vest, a small first aid kit, a tire puncture sealer, jumper cables, thin plastic gloves.)

Protein Bars


Trail Mix

Hand and toe warmers


Pocket Knife






Kitty Litter (This item helps you if you get stuck on ice.)

A window scraper

Tire brush


Matches and match case

Other recommendations:


A picture of your family for your loved one to look at to keep them going

A bigger first aid kit then what I have (I have to add some other supplies to his. A kit should include bandages, gauze, tape, an antiseptic solution, Triple Antibiotic, painkillers, butterfly closures, alcohol and peroxide, burn cream, tweezers and scissors.)

Tools – Screwdriver, hammer, duct tape, wreck, a car jack, vice grips and a wrench.

Extra socks

Roadside flares and reflective triangle signs

Can opener

Canned goods


Folding shovel

Do you have any other emergency roadside kit suggestions to share with us? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Chrystal M. December 30, 2013 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    This is very cool. I want to put something together like this for our cars. I also want to put something together for the home after having to deal with the power outage. It seems like I always say “we need to do this and have it ready” and then I forget. If I had it all in one place there would be no need for me to scramble all over the house looking in the dark.
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