My Daughter’s Two Best Halloween Costumes

Posted on Oct 29 2013 - 4:32pm by Nicole Smith

I have never considered my daughter to be a normal girl. She’s not even close.

She’s not obsessed with the way she looks or boys.

She does her own thing and doesn’t care what others think about her. She’s smart and not afraid to show it. She’s extremely sarcastic and funny and has a larger than life personality that can be attributed to the adults in her life, including me.

We have raised her to be her own person and be confident and to not let snooty people change her.

And you know what? I would not change any part of my daughter.

Okay…that’s not entirely true. I’d dull her moodiness a bit. She’s at an age where she’s going through puberty and dealing with changes in her body, and it’s making her a bit of a witchy poo at times. Even so, I still love her personality, and at Halloween…she loves to show off how different she is.

We have dressed my daughter up for Halloween since she was born. Her first Halloween she dressed up as Winnie the Pooh, which is where the nickname Pooh comes from. Over the years, she’s also been a vampire, a pirate, and Batgirl to name a few. Out of all the years, though, there have only been two Halloween costumes I really liked.

The first costume is the one below. Most of the items used for it we already had on hand, which was great since her father and I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on a costume. And apparently the judges at the Maine Mall liked it because she got a $25 gift card and came in third place in their Halloween Costume Contest. As you can see, she was the cutest little mime ever! (My dad, also in the picture below, was quite proud of her that year. How could he not be? She was freaking adorable!)


My second favorite costume is this year’s. And I hate admitting. I didn’t really want her to be a toilet this year but she had her mind set on it. Unfortunately for her, I wasn’t willing to spend $50 on a toilet costume. My daughter’s lucky, though, because my father came to the rescue once again, and made her a costume that she LOVES. And I think all of you will too.

(Don’t mind the grumpy face. She had just gotten home from school and didn’t appreciate having her picture taken. Oh well! Mom’s prerogative.)

toilet costumeWhat are some of the costumes you’re children have worn? What was your favorite? Leave a comment below.


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