Cheap Kids’ Craft Projects – Fairies in a Jar

Posted on Jun 12 2012 - 12:39am by Nicole Smith


Fairies in a jar is a fun, easy and cheap activity that your children will love. Mine did!

Yesterday, my friend Amber who runs the Thrifty Ninja website, sent me a link to a soda bottle sprinkler pin on Pinterest. After I looked at it, I browsed the board it was pinned on and came across another pin for fairies in a jar. I showed it to my 10-year-old daughter a little while later and we decided that it would be something fun we could do for her brother, something magical.

The kids out fairy hunting

Today, we told my four-year-old son that we were going to catch some fairies. He got really excited and when his father stopped by for a little bit, he told him we were going fairy picking. Yes, he was a bit confused.

As you will see from the pictures below, my daughter’s jar came out the best and it’s my opinion that the yellow glow sticks work the best.Once he and his sister got back from going to the park with their dad, the three of us went fairy hunting. We told Blake that the only ones that could see the fairies were his sister and I but once we added the glitter and glow stick liquid to the jars, he would see them glowing.



Items Needed:

  • Canning jars or any jar you have that is empty. (I used an empty Alfredo sauce jar.) – No cost
  • Glow sticks (I had four packages containing two sticks each in orange, blue, pink and green.) – $4
  • Glitter (I bought a pkg. of five different colors.) – $1


  1. Crack your glow sticks so they are glowing.
  2. Cut the tips off each glow stick. Be careful that you don’t get the liquid on your hands or clothes.
  3. Pour the contents of the glow stick into your jars.
  4. Pour in some glitter. Don’t use too much or it will coat the inside of the jar and you won’t see the jar glowing. My son did that .
  5. Shake the jar to distribute the glitter and glow stick liquid.

NOTES: The glow should last for a couple of hours. However, the glow sticks I purchased were cheap, and as a result, didn’t last long. Oh well. Next time I will be more expensive ones and hopefully they last longer.


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  1. Jade west August 10, 2012 at 4:51 pm - Reply

    Great idea 😆 Just um what do u mean by he saw the “fairies”? What was he actually looking at? That really confusedvme 😥 :roll: 😥

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