Busy moms: starting their days with Jimmy Dean Delights #ad #JimmyDean

Posted on Apr 7 2016 - 5:12pm by Nicole Smith

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Jimmy Dean through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Jimmy Dean Delights, all opinions are my own.

With each year that passes by my days get busier and busier. From the moment I roll out of bed in the morning until the moment my head hits the pillow at night, my days are go go go. With four kids between my husband and I, two for each of us, our schedules are messy and full no matter what time of year it is. I have to keep a date book specifically for all of our schedules so I don’t mix things up. I hate chaos and confusion. It stresses me out.

Because my schedule is so hectic, and because I was recently diagnosed with a disorder that made me sick, it’s extremely important that I make time for breakfast in the morning to help keep me going during the day. I have struggled a lot over the past year because of my health problems, and I’m finally starting to see some improvements, which is a relief. However, that means I need to be hyper vigilant when it comes to monitoring what I put into my body.

I admit, though, I haven’t always been the best about eating a wholesome breakfast. Sometimes I skip breakfast all together and other times I reach for one of the kids’ donuts or muffins, neither of which are good for me to eat, but that I grab because they don’t take anytime to make. Times have changed, though, and rarely do I grab something bad.


If I’m looking for a quick fix that meets all of my requirements and helps me to start the day on the right foot, Jimmy Dean Delights are a great choice because they are made from real ingredients, including Busy moms: starting their days with Jimmy Dean Delights whole grains, eggs, real vegetables, as well as lean meats, which is good because I have to eat more protein and less carbs. Jimmy Dean Delights are an excellent option for me since they are an excellent source of protein and help me with my daily protein requirements.


Also, as I said before, they only take two minutes to microwave, which on days that I barely have time to breathe, they are the perfect choice for me. All I need to do is remove them from their plastic packaging and wrap in a paper towel and pop in the microwave. In just a couple minutes I have a wholesome meal in my hands that I can eat as I go about my morning routine, getting the kids ready.JimmyDean4

 So where do all of the whole grains come from?

To show where Jimmy Dean gets the whole grains from for their Jimmy Dean Delights, they had a real mom and a real farmer swap their mornings. The mom was able to experience a morning on the farm while the farmer got to see how his hard work helps gives us moms the power we need each morning to get through the day.

Check out the Morning Swap video below to see what the mom learned during her swap.

For more information about Jimmy Dean and the Jimmy Dean Delights, please visit the official website.


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