Blogging Resources: How to Monetize Your Site and Social Media Accounts

Posted on Aug 16 2014 - 3:43pm by Nicole Smith


When I first started Frugal Maine it was supposed to be a hobby page, a place for me to share my money-saving tips with my fellow Mainers. We didn’t have a lot of options, it seemed, for blogs in this area, and I was hoping to fill a void…for fun. But over the years since, my site has evolved into so much more. It is no longer a hobby site. It is no longer only about saving money. It’s not only meant for Maine residents, of which I no longer am. (I’m a happy and content New Hampshire resident now, which to some, is pretty much the same thing.)

In the beginning, I never dreamed I would make money doing what I love. I never dreamed I could make money through my social media accounts, but guess what? I am. And while some may feel that what I do doesn’t warrant pay, there are many more of us that recognize that this is a job. And there are others who would like to start their own blog, or already have one, but are unsure of how to turn it into another source of income.

I’m here to help you to monetize your site and your social media accounts.

Now I must point out before you start applying to the companies below that you won’t make money instantly with your blog. It takes a lot of time and effort, but if you’re willing to put in the time, it will pay off in the long run.

Please keep checking back as this list will be updated as more companies become available.

Sponsored posts/reviews: I have not completed projects with all of these companies, but  I am a member of each one.


Bloggers Required

Bloggy Moms


Clever Girls Collective

Collective Bias/Social Fabric

Double Duty Divas

Federated Media


Global Influence Network



Mom Bloggers Club

Mom Central/Influence Central

Mom Dot

Mom it Forward

Mom Spark

Niche Mommy Network


SITS Girls/Massive Sway


Affiliate sales:


Ad networks:


Burst Media

Glam Network

Ad sales: Companies may contact you directly to purchase ad space from you. I’ve had several companies contact me but at the time, what they were offering wasn’t right for Frugal Maine. Make sure to read their requirements carefully.

Personal product sales:

If you are an indie author, like myself and many others, you can sell your own work on your website. Many bloggers end up publishing various different kinds of book to help bring in extra money. I will provide more information at a later date on how to go about doing this.

Social media amplification:

AdvoWire – I’m very new to this site so I’m not sure of what the potential earnings are with it, but I’ve heard from reliable sources that they know bloggers who are making $100s each week. I will update with more information as it becomes available. As for what AdvoWire entails, you have to qualify for opps and once you do, they still state where they need to be shared: Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

BlogHer: I was accepted to the BlogHer social media sharing program about a month ago. Before a new program is scheduled to start, a feeler email is sent out, asking you to apply. Then you have to wait to see if you’re chosen for the campaign. From what I understand, each campaign includes 8 social media touts. (Each campaign states where the touts need to go: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, I believe.) I’ve done one so far and it was a lot of fun.



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