I Have Another Confession: Reheated Chicken Tastes Funny

Posted on Apr 3 2014 - 2:33pm by Nicole Smith

Do you see the picture below?

Looks yummy, right?

Well, it is…when it’s fresh. Seriously, it’s one of those meals I gorge myself on when I cook it because it tastes so dang delicious.

But if I try to eat it the next day….GAG CITY! NO JOKE!


See, I’m one of those people who think reheated chicken tastes funny. Actually, it’s not just reheated chicken that does. Cold chicken is the same way. When I reheat it, though, the taste is even worse.

I try QUITE OFTEN to eat leftover chicken, but the taste of it makes me gag. No matter what. I don’t care what type of chicken meal it is. It never tastes right to me after I cooked it the first time.

For the longest time I felt like I was some freak of nature because I couldn’t stand the taste. That was until I saw a friend talking about her dislike of reheated chicken on Facebook.

Finally…I wasn’t alone in my weirdness. FINALLY!!

Up until that point I got weird looks from people when I told them that leftover chicken tasted funny to me. Even my fiancé looked at me like I had two heads the first time I told him about my little issue. He knows now that it’s a part of me that’s not going away. And he knows that leftover chicken consumption is his problem.

So, how many of you have the same issue that I do and what do you do to help with your problem?

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