Advertising Rates


There are a variety of ways that your company can work with Frugal Maine.

The services we provide include:

sponsored posts

sponsored giveaways

social media shout outs

sponsored infographic posts

Various ad locations – (See explanations below for locations and pricing.)


Sponsored posts: We offer two different types.

Written by you w/2 backlinks – $50

Written by Frugal Maine w/2 backlinks – $70


Sponsored giveaways – $50

Each giveaway runs for 14 days. If you want your giveaway to run for a month, the cost goes up to $100. Giveaways will be promoted via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


Social Media Shout Outs – $50 per week

FM will give out eight social media shout outs per week via Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Pinterest too, upon request.

Can also be done on a per tweet basis. The going rate for tweets is $5 each.

If you have something you would like pinned, each pin costs $5.



Any advertising on Frugal Maine has to be paid upfront via PayPal before the start of your advertising period. 

728 x 90 Ads:


Top of the page ad – Sitewide – (Above the fold) – $80

Directly below the menu ad – Sitewide – (Above the fold) – $60

Above a post ad – Post page – (Above the fold) – $25

Below a post ad – Post page – (Below the fold) – $20

Top of Categories Archive page post ad – (Above the fold) – $10

Bottom of Categories Archive page post ad – (Below the fold) – $5

Sidebar Buttons – 125 x 125


 Above the fold –  $30

Below the fold – $15

*Discounts given for slots purchased for longer than 30 days. Multiple slots can be combined. For instance, you can purchase a front page slot, as well as one within posts or on category pages.

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